New Pages Added: Wheel of the Year and Homeschooling

I’ve been alerted that subscribers to my blog only receive notifications of posts in this part of the site and don’t receive notifications of new subpages added. So, I’m just letting you know that I’ve added two new subpages. I don’t even particularly want to much up everyone’s inbox with this because it may not be of such riveting interest to everyone. In any event, I will post short reminders from tie to time but generally I will add two these two pages as they develop.

Homeschooling is self-explanatory. It is a page dedicated to tracking our progress at homeschooling. I will list homeschooling resources, ideas and our basic scheduling and curriculum there, so it can be used as an example by others trying to set up homeschooling and so that those, who are interested enough in our family that they really do want to know how my children are doing, can see at a glance how we are doing.

Wheel of the Year is a page dedicated to a writing project that I have set myself this year. I hope to write about my development of new (hopefully healthy and joyful) family traditions around earth-based holidays. It is very loosely a page touching on my spiritual path but it looks more like a list of all the riotous fun we are planning to have or have had during various holidays. On a deeper level, it is part of my serious attempt to ground our family in meaningful traditions that we can truly embrace and believe in wholeheartedly without resorting to mooching off of the holidays of other belief-systems. I have recently read a study that says that strong family traditions is the single most positively correlated factor predicting stable, healthy outcomes for adolescents, a factor that is statistically more important than wealth, good neighborhood, good schools, two-or-one parent homes, race/ethnicity, social class and all the rest of it. In short, it appears that children (and probably humans in general) need traditions, roots and family solidarity even more than we have always believed, so we are banking on that and making sure that our traditions are strong and well founded.

The two new pages acan be found at the top of the webpage, just under the Outside the Lines name, to the right of Who We Are. I have just updated the Wheel of the Year page for the winter holidays.


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