My new book is published!

I am glad to announce that my first book The Soul and the Seed has been published and is now available on Kindle. For the next two days the book will be just $2.99. So now’s the time to get it.

“This one grabs you!” –Ember Smith

Click here to buy the book.

If you don’t have a Kindle, click here to get a free Kindle app on your computer, phone or tablet. (See the P.S. for other formats.)

TSatS Cover small

The Story

Aranka is a moderately normal teenager in a small Oregon town until she unintentionally upsets those who hold true power in today’s world.

The commonly accepted image of the modern world is an illusion. A massive force controls the wills of the powerful, whether in high school cliques or in international politics. Those who won’t conform must be crushed to preserve the appearance of free will.

Aranka and a few others stand in the way, not because they are rebels, just because of the fluke in their genes. Those with power will stop at nothing to protect their supremacy. Aranka is kidnapped and forced to watch as her fellow prisoners are killed one by one. It’s only a matter of time before it is her turn to die.

A small band of outlaws from every corner of the globe fight to free those in peril and to preserve their own inner freedom. Kenyen, a young doctor, ventures into the heart of oppression but he can’t stop the terror. He just wants to save one life. In the process he uncovers “the Seed,” the first flicker of hope in a thousand years.

This is the first book in The Kyrennei Series – the tale of how the contemporary world IS the dystopia that so many fear.

Read and review so I can keep writing for you 

If you and lots more readers like this book, I will be able to spend more time writing and less time working at other jobs. Your review is crucial in making this a reality. Especially early on, every review makes a big difference in promoting a book.

There are three simple yet truly powerful things you can do. 

  1. Write a review of this book on Amazon as soon as possible.A few early reviews will go a long way in persuading the Amazon computers to recommend this book to other readers. (If you’re a direct relative of the author with the same last name, Amazon might not allow your review. See step two.)
  2. Sign up forGoodreads, a great place to find books you’ll really like based on what you’ve liked before (including things you didn’t buy on Amazon), and write a review of this book there. Short is fine. (Goodreads doesn’t care if you’re related to the author. They just want to know what is honestly good.)
  3. Tell your friends onFacebookTwitter and in the regular ol’ world about this book.

Thank you so much for your support. Letting more readers know about this book is the single most important thing you can do to make sure there will be more. 🙂

Best wishes!
Arie Farnam

P.S. This book will be available for print on demand as well as in other digital formats within a few months. In the meantime as a special offer to my subscribers on this list, I will make epub or pdf versions available to you myself. If you can’t use the Kindle apps for any reason, buy a copy of the book on Amazon anyway. Then write to me and tell me that you would like an epub or pdf version. You can print out a pdf version, if you really don’t want to read on a device. I only ask that you don’t indiscriminately share it. The price isn’t high and it really is what allows me to have time to write rather than work more day jobs. Writers’ kids like to eat too (and generally a lot). 🙂


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